AGM 2013 and Maurice Wilkes Event


The BCS Mid-Wales AGM for 2013 will take place at 6.30pm on Monday 21st October 2013. This will be held in the Physics B lecture theatre in the Physical Sciences Building at Aberystwyth University. The formal AGM Notice is available. The minutes for 2012 are available to download.

Maurice Wilkes

While much publicity was given last year to the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth, very little attention has been paid to the centenary of the birth of Maurice Wilkes, whose influence on the British computer industry was immeasurably greater than that of Turing. Wilkes led the team that produced EDSAC 1, the first computer to offer a regular computing service and which, under his guidance, became the model for the LEO 1, the first computer to be used for business applications. He went on to invent and develop such ideas as microprogramming, cache memory and the Cambridge Ring.

This meeting will be a celebration of Wilkes’ life and achievements. Frank Bott, who knew Wilkes personally for over 40 years, will give an overview of his career and personality. Tom Brooks will tell a number of anecdotes about him. Roger Boyle will present a perceptive paper on neural nets that Wilkes wrote late in his life. And the meeting will finish with a recording of part of an after-dinner speech given by Wilkes in 1997 in which he reminisces about his relationship with Turing.

This event is free and open to all.

A poster is available for the event. Please download and display this to promote the event.