The Ways of the Wicked World: Five cases in computer ethics.

We are pleased to invite Olwen Morgan to present a talk entitled “The Ways of the Wicked World: Five cases in computer ethics.”

This meeting will be on Monday 6th February in Physics A, Physical Sciences Building, Aberystwyth University; view this on Open Street Map. The talk starts at 6.00pm.

The event is free and open to everyone.


Aimed at final year undergraduates as well as those preparing for periods in industry, this talk describes situations from the author’s career in which ethical professional decisions had to be made and acted on. The cases range from resisting pressure from sales staff to dealing with a probable industrial psychopath. Each case will be described and audience members given the opportunity to contribute their own perspectives on relevant ethical issues. The intention is to make budding professionals aware of the kinds of ethical issues that can arise in their work and to identify the issues to be weighed when an firm stand must be made.


A former Aberystwyth student, Olwen Morgan has been a BCS member since 1975 and was a founder member of the BCS Formal Aspects of Computing Science specialist group (BCS-FACS). She has been an independent consulting software engineer for over 30 years and has specialised in critical systems for most of that time. Her work has spanned the aerospace, nuclear, telecommunications, medical, railway, industrial safety and automotive sectors and she is the original author of the MISRA C coding guidelines for critical systems. In a career of over forty years she has worked on all stages of the systems engineering lifecycle covering specialities ranging from formal specification to technical translation. She has served on BCS committees and has represented BSI at international standards meetings both as Principal UK Expert and Head of Delegation.