Annual General Meeting & The Turing 2012 Centenary

2012 marks 100 years since the birth of Alan Turing, the acknowledged grandfather of modern computer science. BCS Mid-Wales is pleased to combine the Annual General Meeting with a celebration of Turing’s contribution to science – which was much wider than that which is popularly known – and a commentary on his life and its unhappy end. After the event, there will be time for conversation and snacks.

Date and Location

The AGM and the Turing event will take place on Monday 8th October at Aberystwyth University in the Physics Main Lecture Theatre in the Institute of Mathematics and Physics. Please see the campus map for details.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM starts at 6.30pm and it covers the year ending 31st August 2012. The notice for the AGM has been distributed by email to all members. A copy is also available. We expect that the AGM will take up to 20 minutes.

The Turing 2012 Centenary

The AGM will be followed at 7pm by a series of short talks accessible to anyone interested:

  • The Entscheidungsproblem (Or as all children ask: “Are we nearly there yet?”): Jim Finnis
  • Other Bletchley Park secrets …: Roger Boyle
  • The Turing Test in 21st century schools: Hannah Dee
  • Turing and biology: watching the daisies grow: Amanda Clare
  • Some short scenes from Catrin Huws’ new play To Kill a Machine. The play depicts the parallels between Alan Turing’s life, and the imitation game he devised in order to address the question ‘Can Machines Think?’. This rehearsed reading of the trial scene from the play sees Turing defending himself against the charge of gross indecency using the very arguments he puts forward in response to that question.
    (The play receives its official world premiere in the Arts Centre on 28th November).

This event is free and open to all: Turing’s contribution and importance went far beyond computer science!


Please use the Booking Form at the main BCS site to help us with our planning. On the booking form, you can indicate if you are coming to one or both of the AGM and the Turing event.

Promoting the Event

If you can promote the event in your local area, please download and use the
poster for the event.

The Turing Statue image is used under CC 2.0 from photoverulam on