Show and Tell – 20th February 2015

BCS Mid-Wales, Aberystwyth University’s Department of Computer Science and the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies are holding a Show and Tell event at 6pm on Friday February 20th in the Parry Williams Building, Penglais Campus: map.

A free tech-related event where you can show off your latest creations, in-progress projects or new toys. Tell us about your half-baked ideas, great experiences and favourite new website.

Working on a new mobile app? Have an idea for a hazard sensing robot? Built something epic in Minecraft? If you’re playing with technology, we’d love to hear about it. Hobbyists, professionals and researchers alike.

There will be free refreshments (beer and pizza).

You can see images and video from past events here:

Further info at: Eventbrite page.

We hope to stream this live on YouTube.