So, what is this DevOps thing, anyway?

Craig Watson lifts the lid on one of technology’s most misunderstood buzzwords; a brave new world of cross-discipline collaboration and automation that is helping to break down walls between traditional development and operations silos, ushering in a plethora of new tools such as Docker, Terraform, CloudFormation, Fabric and Puppet and processes like stand-up meetings, retrospectives and a seismic shift into the public cloud, with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud leading the way. Servers become cattle, networks become programmable, Chaos Monkeys reign supreme, developers deploy straight to production from their laptops, and everything JustWorks™ – no really!

BCS Mid-Wales Branch and the Department of Computer Science are pleased to invite Craig to Aberystwyth for this talk. The talk will begin at 6.30pm and there will be refreshments available from 6pm. The talk is in Physics B lecture theatre, in the Physics Building, Aberystwyth University. See location on Open Street Map.

The event is free and open to everyone – please book to ensure your place by visiting Eventbrite.


Craig Watson is an Aberystwyth University alumnus (Computer Science, 2010) currently a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Bashton Ltd in Bristol, with experience spanning both large enterprises and smaller start-ups in central London. He has a keen interest in up-and-coming technologies, and has specific experience in the worlds of Agile, Cloud and DevOps practices and cultures, in particular Amazon Web Services and Puppet. Craig made his presenting début in November 2015 at PuppetCamp Stockholm, and attended PuppetConf and the Puppet Contributor Summit in San Francisco in 2014 and San Diego in 2016.