2017 Turing Lecture

Dr Banavar Picture

The 2017 Turing Lecture will take place in London, Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast on 20-23 February 2017. In Aberystwyth, we are hosting a live-stream of the London event.

This meeting will be on Monday 20th February in MP-0.11 (Physics A), Physical Sciences Building, Aberystwyth University; view this on Open Street Map. The talk starts at 6.00pm.

The event is free and open to everyone.

The talk is designed to inspire the next generation of IT professionals and will explore the cognitive computing revolution. It will be delivered by Dr Banavar, VP of Cognitive Computing at IBM Research.

‘The talk is going to be about the cognitive computing era,’ says Dr Banavar, addressing the topic of his lecture. ‘Over the past few years,’ he explains, ‘we’ve witnessed the establishment of a new era in computing – the age of machine learning. And, as we move into this new age, the resulting technical, professional and societal changes will be profound.’

Rounding off his summary, Dr Banavar says: ‘It means having a very different relationship with machines. We’ll need to start getting used to having machines with us, to having natural interactions with them, and get used to the idea that they’ll be doing a lot of tasks in every part of our lives.’

For further information about the Turing Lecture, please see the BCS Website.