Making Use of Technology in NHS Wales

The South Wales Branch is hosting a series of talks looking at Making Use of Technology in NHS Wales. The events will be held in Cardiff and live-broadcast to a few sites around Wales. The Mid-Wales branch has arranged to make a room available for the live broadcasts.

The second session is on Tuesday December 8th. We will be showing the video link in the Computer Science department, Aberystwyth University. The event starts at 18:00 and finishes at 19:30. The details of the this series can be found below.

If you would like to attend this event, please contact Neil Taylor ( or Fred Long (

A series of sessions on Making Use of technology in NHS Wales

NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) is the national organisation providing the information and technology services used by NHS Wales to support high quality patient care. In this short programme we are attempting to showcase how the use of technology is supporting better and more efficient care for patients and the citizens of Wales; how we are setting the standards for Health Informatics professional development and provide the opportunity to discuss technology in NHS Wales

November 10th

Overview of NWIS, the patients journey using technology and the case for professionalism of the Informatics staff.

December 8th

Dealing with the management issues of large volumes of sensitive data – data protection, information sharing, persuading the public, cross border issues, training staff, Caldicott.  Intended to be non-technical.

January 12th

Deep dive on a couple of national systems:

  • Imaging (X Rays to you & me) - The gee-whiz of moving data around, combining it and presenting it for clinicians and patients.
  • Laboratory system exploring the amount and time span of data a consultant has to make that decision across Wales.